10 Creative Uses for Rugs in Your Home

If you’ve got some rugs that you don’t want to use on the floor, or found some cool rugs for cheap at the thrift store or at a yard sale, here are some cool, alternative ways that you could make use of them from Apartment Therapy:

  1. Upholstery: try using a decorative rug, or part of a rug, on an ottoman or chair. This would be an easy way to give your furniture a makeover on the cheap!
  2. Artwork: whether you have a contemporary or traditional style rug, you can use it to make a statement not only on the floor, but on the wall! Hang up a great rug on a bare wall for a pop of style and color.
  3. Headboard: with fabric headboards becoming pretty popular, it’s no wonder that rug headboards are becoming more and more popular.
  4. Affixed to Doors:

    Interior doors have become decorative in their materials and design. The next step may be to affix a beautiful stylized rug to the door. It would help with the acoustics of the room. This may work best in children’s rooms, but I would be curious to see this pulled off as a real design idea.

  5. Pet Beds: love your pet? Create a semi-glamourous bed for him/her with rug as your base material.

Find more nontraditional ideas for rugs over at Apartment Therapy’s 10 Alternative Uses for Rugs in the Home.