10 All-Natural Remedies for Relaxation

Whatever has got you stressed and anxious, chances are you have a natural “chill pill” or two lying around your home or garden. Check out some of these great proven organic remedies courtesy of Woman’s Day:

  1. Sweet Potatoes: because of their sweet flavor and high concentration of carbohydrates, sweet potatoes work well for stress-related cravings. They’re also high in fiber, so they’ll aid you in digestion and keep you physically and emotionally satisfied for longer.
  2. Chamomile: when consumed as a tea, chamomile can help suppress muscle spasms and calm the body.
  3. Dark Chocolate: just 1.4 oz of this sweet stuff has been proven to lower stress levels in the body and reduce anxiety. The joy of eating dark chocolate also releases endorphins in the brain, giving you a natural happiness boost.
  4. Peanut Butter: peanut butter can act as a great fuel for the body when you’re feeling irritable or unfocused. Peanuts are high in vitamin B6, which helps regulate blood sugar and stabilize your mood. Just try to choose a peanut butter without excess sugar.

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