Shop Owner Vents After ‘Karen’ Leaves A 1-Star Review For Small Business Because of Her Own Error

@austinscott via TikTok

Leaving a Google review for a small business is a great way to show your gratitude. It’s also a great way to possibly get that business even more business. After all, it’s important to support small businesses, especially ones with great service.

Austin Scott owns a small Illinois-based business called The Neighborhood Trading Company, that sells key chains, accessories, clothing and stickers. And when two girls came into his shop and purchased 40 stickers at $4 a piece, he was thrilled.

Because they were purchasing so many, he offered them a buy three get one free discount, plus he gave them an extra 10% off because he felt like it. Pretty darn generous, right?

Well, come to find out, the next day his store had a one-star review on Google. It was from the girl’s mom, who apparently read the sale sign wrong. She thought it was $5 for 20 stickers. While she commented that it was a nice shop, she took points away for a mistake that was no other than hers.

“Nice store but very disappointed,” the review read. “Sale there for stickers…20 for $5…NOWHERE does it say per customer, per order…NOTHING…my daughters were super excited as they both collect them…I told them both to grab themselves each 20…then left my daughters there to finish as I went next door…$120 later…I paid 20/$5…then $4 a piece for every after that!”

Austin remained calm and commented back as rationally as possible.

“You must’ve misread our sign that says “incense stickers 20 for $5,” he explained. “I’m srry you got confused. I will however let you know that we do have a sale on stickers and they are buy 3 get 1 free.Your daughters received 11 free stickers and on top of that I gave them an extra 10% off. All f our stickers are made by small indie artists that we buy from locally so I appreciate you supporting my store and their artwork.”

His response got so much positive feedback that it counteracted the negative comments from the original reviwer!

“Love the way this store handled an unfair review made by a customer who apparently can’t read,” someone wrote. “I’m looking through their online merchandise so I can get an order placed!”

“I’ve never been here…just supporting this awesome guys’ shop after seeing the annoying review from that lady with the stickers. Support small business,” he says.

Good service truly pays off!

To hear Austin vent about the situation on his TikTok, check out his video below!

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